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I posted something similar the other day in the comments over Engadget, that I actually think Apple will make this a reality, not with an iPod with a microphone, but with the inevitable arrival of an iTunes phone.

Using a .Mac account or webhosting service, an iTunes phone could be used to record podcasts directly to the web (available for download through your podcast's RSS feed). You'd have your own special podcasting phone # with a PIN that you'd call, similar to AudioBlogger. You'd call your number, punch in your pin, create a conference call with other hosts/interviewees with a phone (or anyone with a phone or Skype In/Out service) if you wish, then punch a code on your phone to start recording your podcast. Other Mac users using iChat could also join in if Apple ever added Skype In/Out like capabilities to iChat AV (which I also think is coming) .

This would also open up the possibility of almost real-time streaming live podcasts created using an iTunes phones thanks to Quicktime, which is integrated with the desktop iTunes player, and plays streaming audio and video.

I think it's coming (probably by the end of this year). The iTunes phone is the first step, then look for capabilities like this to follow, along with some other mind-blowing end-user experiences and capabilities. These types of capabilities will take the 'iPod Halo Effect' to the next level.

I think we're onto something... You heard it here first .


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