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@CWatkinsNash @kiwidude @TechnoCat @HarryT thanks for your answers, reading your use cases will help a lot. I'm a UX developer, and the first thing i do is read and see how users interact.

Obviously in this forum only 5% of Calibre users may interact, and from those, maybe 0.5% will read this thread. So yeah, you all are pro users. But as @kiwidude has shown, he has experiences installing calibre to other users, so all those experiences may help.

The idea that proposes @HarryT may be interesting, to have different configurations that can be selected on the wizard.

In general I feel like calibre has a huge amount of features, but the interface and the preference panel is intimidating. calibre can be a winner app, but it has to be easier to use for first-time users. As it's right now, i'm sure it scares 50% of the users, specially when the apps from Amazon and Apple are each day more user-friendly.

keep posting your user cases! Even if this goes no where, the dev team will have a list of user cases to improve or reaffirm what they are doing.
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