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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Even after repairing whatever damaged your kindle startup scripts, your must contain the following command to reset the boot counter that causes the "Repair Needed" screen:

echo 0 > /var/local/upstart/lab126_gui.restarts

I suggest that your also replace any modified scripts with original copies, and any NEW startup scripts get replaced by benign (do nothing) script files.

You can get original script copies by loop mounting a backup copy of your /dev/mmcblk0p1. If you "lost" all of your backup copies, you could ask a kindle touch owner from this forum for a copy of theirs, if you let them know which script file needs to be replaced.

Of course, to write the new to your USB Drive, you need to do it during the short time window (10 to 30 seconds) after the USB Drive is exported but before the kindle halts at the "Repair Needed" screen. It help you use a script on the host PC that loops waiting for the USB Drive, then immediately copies and any other needed files to the USB Drive. Depending on your method, you may be able to replace damaged scripts by putting them at the rignt location inside the data.tar.gz file and using the root path exploit to put them where they belong. For most people, I suggest just using the ixtar data.tar.gz payload and letting the do the "mntroot rw" and copy backup files from the USB drive to where they belong.

If this is not enough detail for you, please read the other threads and wiki so that you can make informed requests and understand the answers.

Thanks, and good luck.

P.S. I have discovered that the touch can get "bricked" just by leaving it connect to usb networking. I can apparently severely drain the battery even while the LED stays green. Or, at a minimum, it can confuse the battery charging drivers. This is much different from earlier kindles which charged the battery.

So, the FIRST thing to do with a bricked kindle is to plug it into a 12v power adapter to charge it. Mine took about 14 hours to reach a full charge. Although I thought for sure that it was bricked, my touch recovered and rebooted itself when the battery received enough charge.
Thank you for reply question
I can reset the boot counter by replace lab126_gui.restarts in data.tar.gz at the rignt location ???
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