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I have a problem with my new Kobo Vox. After reading I turned off the device. When I woke up, the power light was orange. I charged the device for 3 hours. When I turned on the device there was a continuous flashing green light. I tried a basic soft reset by holding the power button until the device went off. Also, I tried the reset button to the back but nothing happened. I then tried a factory reset by holding the ( + ) then the power button. I also removed the battery clip and reconnected it, but nothing happened. I believe the problem lies with the bootsector/bootload image. I did some research online and there were many people with this problem.

I called customer care and my issue was sent to the technical department. I received an email some days later, stating that I must hold the power button until the device goes off. I clearly stated I already performed that step before my issue was escalated, to that department. I haven't recieved any email or call, after I replied.

I just want to continue reading my books. The device was given to me as a gift. All am asking for is a way to fix this. I understood that it's not compatible with the Kobo desktop application. I can only update it using a wi-fi connection. Can you send the files I need to put on an SD card, so that the device can function. I was thinking since it's a problem with the bootload image, these files can be placed on an SD card while the device is booting up. After the device is functional, I can perform a factory reset to restore the default settings.

I love the device, even though I can't download apps from the android market. Can you help me fix this problem, I just want to continue reading my books?
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