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golagha began at the beginning.
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Dear Adam,
Thanks for your valuable guidline in the first post. I read your post carefully. In fact you have presented all steps in details except ONE! connecting to network!

I have a simple (as your point of view but not mine!!!) question:

I know that iLiad needs to be connected via a Wired hub or a wireless network with a router. now concern on wired network on our company. we use windows 2003 server and dns system. every computer needs an account to join to network and use the shared internet. we have some reserved IP's which doesn't need any user and password to connecto to internet. the only requirement is that you have to logon to dns with your account.

I have cleared all settings of computer name, user, password, etc. and actually I have nevere sync. my iLiad with computer. I only want to connect to the internet and upgrade my iLiad's firmware. so I have a chance to work with USB sticks and...

There are many switches in out LAN. I connected the iLiad to the 3com switch (directly) with a Ethernet cable. then I defined 4 setting in my iLiad network section:

1. Wired auto (everything left auto config.)
2. Wired auto with proxy (everything except proxy server are left auto config. the proxy is set up by info. I received from out admin)

3. Wired Static (IP's are set statically with info I received from admin. he stated that given IP needs no user and password to connect to internet. note that I can use the IP with my pc to connect to internet. the only requirement is that i need my user and account on the dns to connect to the network and after tat I have connection to the intenet automatically.

4. Wired Static with Proxy (All IP's info and dns gateway, etc. are set up using admin's info.)

When I press "test", It informs me "unsuccessful". I pressed the connection to iDS key many times , iLiad checks all 4 predefined network configs and fails to connect!!!

What is wrong with my approach?
I even used the computer name and user and password of the admin of network in the iLiad computer name settings, before. but I got the same results for all pre-mentioned configs.

What must I do?
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