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Post Screwball error message?

Originally Posted by PInky1352 View Post
Just this moment figured out what the problem was. The tablet had the box checked in the USB Host Mode menu. As soon as I unchecked that the laptop recognized it and installed the driver immediately.

Thanks for the help!
Seems to me that this was a rather-extreme example of an horribly-misleading error message. Imho, it takes a quite-good developer to create software that is very unlikely to create such messages. As I see it, after some years in this business, you develop some skepticism about error messages, and sometimes can suspect that they might be bogus. Anybody who's done a significant amount of programming might agree.


bhartman36 has been wonderfully helpful here; it would be wrong not to note that!


Local Rite Aid apparently got in a new stock of Android netbooks. i do hope people are having better luck with those!

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