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Arrow Firmware updates, dictionaries, fonts and third-party apps for Onyx Boox M92

UPD 2013.12.04

Newest update including multitasking and some new PDF features

Detailed release notes will be added later.

UPD 2013.07.19

New updates for all Onyx Boox are available
You can also download them from our website directly

Update 2013-07-17

Change log:

Please note, that this update does not contain some new features and fixes yet, which are still in testing (like margin setting, multitasking feature, Acapela TTS, etc).

General fixes:
* fixed can't download the books with DRM.
* Automatic move of the position of dictionary depending on position of selected words.
* support some PDB format books.

Fixed in New PDF reader:
* "selection zoom" and "two point zoom" cannot work normally. (Long pressed to show context menu).
* support turn pages when using dictionary.
* White screen after rotate screen in new pdf reader's zoom mode.
* Improved the method of multi touch when open epub file (scale text, don't scale picture)

Fixed in GUI:
* search result does not display file name.
* sort type hasn't restored after restarting.

Fixed in Web Browser:
* editable content opens keyboard when it has been clicked.
* supported multi line input for "text areas" in web pages
* browser crashes after selected in combo boxes.

Fixed in Image Reader:
* problem that only the last page is exported.
* Scribbles can only be shown in the first image in one folder.

Fixed in FB Reader:
* improved “go to page” function.
* Added hyphenation.

Fixed in Music Player:
* make sure music player work normal after device wakeup.

Fixed in RSS reader:
* RSS reader can't work in some RSS sources

Fixed in Cool Reader:
* "search tool" didn't work.
* support both single touch and swipe to turn pages.
* case insensitive when using search tool.
* only generate the cover from the first page of the document.

UPD 2013.01.02

Hi guys!

First update in the new year is available

Here is the updated PDF Reader with new Page Setting functionality
We have abandoned the "Two Point Margins" tool and added two new visual margins setting tools instead:
- Universal Manual Settings - to setup all pages of a PDF document
- Odd / Even Manual Settings - to setup odd and even pages differently.
I hope you will like it.
As usual unzip it and copy those two files from archive to the internal memory of your device. In your device click on update.oar and the last update for PDFReader will be installed.
You can use it without rebooting.
Please note that this particular tool in the new PDF Reader is still beta!
Your feedback is welcome

UPD. 12.12.12

Hello everybody!
Here is a new patch with fixes of most important bugs in the new PDF Reader

Please download this file:

Unzip it and copy those three files from archive to the internal memory of your device. In your device click on update.oar and the last update for PDFReader will be installed.
The device will reboot.

What has been fixed:
  • PDF Reader. Margins settings and Customized Zoom are not saved after closing a book
  • PDF Reader. Standby issue 1. Home button causes exit from the pdf after return from stand by
  • PDF Reader. Standby issue 2. Controlls are non functional after return from Standby
  • PDF Reader. Glyph embolden >0. Page turn issue.
  • PDF Reader. Annotations. Highlighting of empty area causes exit.
  • PDF Reader. Key mapping. the order of tools has been changed. Now pan + zoom are set by default.
  • PDF Reader. no confirmation is needed if exiting a book with Close Icon in main menu

for Onyx Boox M92

[*]1.8 (1.8.20121113)

Changes 20121101 ->20121113:

Lots of fixes.

New Pdf Reader
1) "Auto Crop" in Reading menu works correctly now
2) In menu Tools added a new tool for Joystick remapping

Changes 20121030 ->20121101:
1) Version number is correct now (1.8)
2) update after 3 pages works now properly
3) freezes by some password protected pdfs
4) saving of last position in scroll mode
5) saving of optional using of old PDFReader after reboot

Release notes 1.8 20121030:

In this update our main goal was to extend and improve the functionality of new pdf reader.

What has been done:
  • Added Page Setup Category. User can adjust (crop) area , which should be considered as page of his document in three ways:
    - “Custom Margins” – margins can be cropped for particular value (just play a little bit with values 20-40)
    - “Two Point Margins” – selection of page area with stylus.
    - “Auto Crop” – recommended tool. All cropping will be done automatically for each new page. Sensitivity can be adjusted. Recommended value 0-2
    - Icon “Clear” just removes all page settings

    Please note, page settings do not change zoom level, so you have still to zoom if needed.
  • Zooming and reading tools are united in reading tools menu
  • Added customized zoom. If you need zoom level e.g. 378%, you can just set that level in a dialog now.
  • Added (+) and (-) stepwise zoom ( 10% increment /decrement)
  • Improved the functionality of Page and Scrolling reading modes
  • Improved the multi column reading. Number of columns is depended on zoom level. Viewport will be moved with page turn buttons from top to bottom of each column and to the top of the next column...
  • Added visualisation for viewport boarder line - boarder of the last displayed viewport
  • Viewport icon shows the current position of the viewport, number of expected columns and current column
  • Improved functionality of annotations. Now you can highlight your text more conveniently and extend already made highlighting.
  • Click on highlighted area opens now the advanced comment window (with some text editing tools like copy, paste, cut, undo, redo)
  • Solved some known problems with merging and export of annotation.
  • Improved functionality of dictionary. In dictionary window you can click on icon “D” to open big dictionary window to be able to input words manually or read big explanations more conveniently
  • Added multifunctional status bar. You can now see and select some often used tools (categorized) in status bar:
    - General tools: rotate screen, Table of content, search, dictionary , previous read page, bookmark
    - Zooming tools: +10% , -10%, fit to page, fit to width, fit to height, two point zoom
    - Annotations tools: add highlighting, remove highlighting, drawings, delete sketches, hand tool.
  • In File Explorer file name sorting works correctly now (directories grouped first)
  • Changed joystick functionality in PDF Reader. Horizontal movements are used now for fine horizontal adjusting of viewport. Vertical movements are for +10% -10 zoom adjusting

  • Text annotations (marked text with your comments) can be exported with your comments in a new text file (same name as original but with .txt extension. But, be carefull! A new export overwrites the existing annotation file!
  • New Two Point Zoom mode.
  • A lot of new Languages and Keyboard Layouts
  • Particular scribbles can be deleted now individually
  • In the Websites Google was added as a Start website
  • You can add your start websites very simply
  • In the dictionaries the Chinese dictionary was removed and the English Explanatory is installed instead
  • Stylus calibration is perfect now
  • Copy/Past function (copy marked text from your book and past it in your notice
  • If you open your books with Cool Reader (EPUB, FB2 or CHM), there is a new Advanced Menu where you can set additional settings (like margins, bold font, two pages in landscape mode etc.) and very quick and easily switch between recently opened books.

    ... The list will be continued ...

Firmware Updating:
  • Copy the file to a sd card and put it into your device
  • Just for case if your battery is not charged properly connect the reader to the wall charger (or USB Port of your PC)
  • switch off the reader
  • hold the ok /joystick button pressed and switch on the device.
  • Wait approx. 10 minutes till the device restarts

Please be informed:

We decided we won't call our updates "Beta" or "RC" or "Final" any more.

We will just publish regularly the most current state of the firmware.
We will also publish the changelog to the last published firmware and what they are going to do next with due regard to the wishlist (m92 Wiki).

If you consider, that it is not worth to bother with current update, just don't.

Some minor issues are possible and the developers are still working on improvements . If you install it you can every time roll back to the 1.6.

Please backup all your important data before updating!

The update takes a while, so please be patient and don't interrupt updating process!!!

If your device stopped booting after update (a very rare issue) please read this post for solution.

change log (2012_05_14 to 2012_06_07):

* support hidden SSID wireless network
* show the remembered wireless networks at the bottom of the network list
* show the book title and book author info of epub/pdf files before opening
* add "sort by title" and "sort by author"

Bug fixes:
* DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX missing support
* can not set Boot Splash (startup pictures)
* keyboard not pops up when click the input box at web browser
* epub annotations can not be saved
* wifi connection can not established again after suspending

New PDFReader with Two Column Reading mode and some improved navigation logic is still in testing. It will be published very soon.

Change log (2012_03_26 to 2012_05_14):

* support Arabic language of graphical interface
* confirmation question when deleting scribbles shows scribble name for safety reasons
* support renaming scribble files
* fix the bug that can sketch on keyboard button '1', '2' when the soft keyboard shows up (causes inputing some extra characters, and slowing down the input speed significantly)
* automatic file name containing creation date and time (scribbles)
* fix the bug that the sketch lines have different thickness in merged PDFs
* support configuring access point without using stylus
* improve add_website dialog, support adding web site by using menu keys and direction keys
* support reading history and thumbnail view of comic books (*.cbz, *.cbr, *.cb7)
* keep the apect ratio by showing picture files in thumbnail view
* automatically jump to previous/next page by Up/Down key at Single Page mode (zoom, page size exceeds the screen size)
* add history function in web browser
* fix a screen refresh issue when unplug SD card without "Safely Remove SD" at menu

Change Log of version 1.6-1.7:

* add advanced settings in cool reader
* add List View in file explorer
* add Settings category when menu is shown at home and file explorer
* add German and Hebrew soft keyboard
* support audio files from different directories in music player
* support export annotations in naboo_reader
* support add website bookmark in gui_shell
* added two points zooming in naboo_reader, djvu_reader, and image reader
* support add/delete bookmark from toolbar in web browser
* support stylusPan to turn page in cool reader
* improve the efficiency of using sudoku
* add gomoku game
* add volume control button in toolbar of music player window
* add a warning dialog for closing music player to use TTS
* add page numbers in font management dialog to show current/total pages of fonts.
* support deleting notes and scribbles in menu
* add Settings category in menu when at home and file explorer
* enable page turning when at hide margin and single page mode

Scribble background templates
As kodomo mentioned in his post, it is possible to use some background (squares, lines, stave etc.) as scribbling aid.
You can download some backgrounds (optimized by tuxor) here and here.

Here are
templates from Tuxor for the scribble app in 1200x1200 (his original post), You can work with them in both horizontal and vertical mode now - without getting those borders you usually don't want and of course without changing zoom settings (which leeds to squares being more than 5 mm x 5 mm)...

just extract them into the top directory of your SD card.

The background is not part of the scribble unless it's exported... so the background vanishes when the SD card is removed and needs to be re-selected when it is inserted (only applies for documents that have been opened in between).

Here you can read how to fix the issue with stylus callibration inaccuracy in 1.6 (Thanks to FDD!)

you can download and try out a lot of StarDict dictionaries. Please note that the downloaded format must be StarDict (not XDXF)

Please also check that link if the link above is dead:

As an example here is the EN-DE dictionary

How to install Stardict dictionaries to Onyx Boox:
1. Create folder "dicts" (either on a SD-card or in internal memory)
2. Unpack the downloaded archive - it contains a folder with some files. We need just 3 files with extensions
3. Create a new folder in your "dicts" folder with the name of dictionary (stardict-English_German e.g.) and copy the 3 files into this folder

How to install new fonts to your M92
1. Create folder "fonts" (either on a SD-card or in internal memory)
2. copy your fonts (.ttf) to this folder
That's it
Here is collection of fonts that I am using on my M92

Third party software

A simple file manager for the Onyx Boox (also for M92)

On my Boox M92 it works just fine.
It is mainly for picking the firmware.
Warning: Tweaking the firmware without a clear understanding of what is done, can lead to dire consequences.

With that tool you can also replace standard screen saver pictures in \usr\share\system_manager\images

Here you can pick some ready to use images from my collection

New screen_saver images must be renamed to screen_saver0.png, screen_saver1.png, screen_saver2.png, ..., screen_saver9.png. (no more than 10 images at once). May be it works with more than 10 pictures, but I did not figure out how.

... will be continued with your help ...

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