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Originally Posted by mags75 View Post
i had the same problem and realised that i had put all my books on with calibre and it did not put them towards this award. so i downloaded the free ebooks off the kobo website and i completed the award very quickly (i then deleted the unwanted books off again).

anyone having problems with the inverted comma award... no matter how many passages i seem to highlight and save i can't seem to get it
I too cannot seem to get the inverted coma award

Originally Posted by heleneArch View Post
I have over 500 books in my Kobo Vox library and the All you can eat award is at 25%... All were added in one batch.
So I'm confused. Some say you need a round number? others say 40+ and no need for 100+.
How could 10 or 40 books give you the AYCE award but not 500 titles?
I'd love an explanation.

Awards I have so far (since Dec 26):
welcome to reading life
I heart my library
once upon a time
not an open book
scout leader
deep thinker
inverted comma
night rider
page turner
afternoon rush hour
happy hour
better in bed
witching hour
kill the commute
sleeping in
i eat books for lunch
playing hooky
quoth the maven
fully loaded
ereading rainbow

working on Off the Wall (10%), Twain Award (28%) and the above mentioned All you can eat.

I read on Christmas eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and NY Day. Got no awards on the Kobo Vox for these, so I'm guessing there were none. At least not for the Vox.
WOW, that's a LOT of reading in a short amount of time!
How did you get the ereading rainbow & the quoth the maven awards?
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