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Sorry for being late to reply. I understand that the Kindle Browser isn't that great but the reason for disabling the WiFi is that I do not want my 9 year old daughter (who reads anything and EVERYTHING she can get her hands on) to access inappropriate literature or even reference material that may be a little more than she is ready for. Not concerned about images as much as I am literature.

This child is continuously seeking for new material and she soaks new information up like I sponge. I would like to be able to approve that information before she soaks it up.

WiFi isn't an issue at home. The problem is that WiFi is readily available at any McDonalds, neighbors' signals, and various different places.

I have been researching this on other sites as well and so far no one has come up with a method of disabling WiFi. I understand it's counterintuitive to what one would expect/want from their Kindle so I'm sure there's little, if any, demand for such a mod.

At this point, I've done everything I can possibly do to prevent access to undesired material. All I can do now is monitor regularly, which any decent parent should do anyhow, and hope that she doesn't stumble upon anything undesirable.

If someone does come up with something I would love to hear about it and give it a spin. She has a $79 basic Kindle 4.

Thanks so much for the replies!!!

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