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In my opinion it is not a good idea to remap the hardware page turn buttons, as they won't be usable in the original sony apps anymore.
One of the first versions of porkupans minimal root set remapped the buttons to volume up/down, and if I remember correctly there was some discussion about the benefits and downsides of remapping the keys in the original rooting thread.

Sony's implementation is everything but straightforward: We know the scancodes (105 and 106), but the keycode for both buttons is 0. This the reason why we can't use FBReader's integrated key bindings settings. Fortunately porkupan provided us with a patched version.

As far as I know, only Cool Reader has native support for the page turn buttons. And regarding the fact that the T1 is an e-ink device, only a limited number of apps can be used on it (at least I don't use it for anything but reading). It might thus be worth to talk to app developers and ask them to include support for the T1's hardware buttons. There was a similar discussion for the Nook Touch some months ago.
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