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Kindle not recieving news mobis - blocked?

Hi all,

I ahve not had any problems with calibre recipes before and regualrly recieve the Guardian and Observer mobi. Yesterday I signed up to ReadBeam and set up the default Guardian recipe on there, however I'm not getting it delivered. I tried a manual send and still nothing, no e-mail confirmation from Amazon, nothing on my account.

So to troubleshoot I decided to downlaod the mobi and e-mail it myself. Nothing.

Next I tried e-mailing a picture, no problems at all.
Then I tried e-mailing an old calibre Guardian which worked ages ago, a new one from ReadBeam AND a further modified ReadBeam one where I changed the title and tags all to 'test'. The only thing that was delivered was the one with tags changed to test. No confirmation or sign of the others, all sent on the same e-mail.

Has something changed? Are they blocking and filtering now?

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