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I'll update my tech support story. I have now had endless emails and phone call conversations with Kobo and they just keep going. Yes they are quick to answer the phone. No they never solve your problem. Yes they do send you emails. No they never fix your problem. and so on and so on.

My story is this.

1. Tried PressReader and a local paper.
2. Subscribed to the paper through Kobo website
3. Paper stopped coming
4. Phone tech support. Confirmed I had subscription. Couldn't solve problem and passed on to level two
5. Never got an answer back so phoned back. This time tech support says I don't have subscription.
6. Tech support emails me link for subscription (direct to newspaper)
7. Order paper from tech support link
8. Get charged by paper and subscription works
9. Days later charged by Kobo for subscription as well (costs more too).
10. Contact tech support. Cant help me and passed it on to level two
11. Email from tech support says I have only one subscription
12. Email tech support both receipts
13. Tech support emails me saying they haven't heard from me (despite the auto reply back that they received my email)
14. Again wrote back tech support and attached original email and both receipts.
15. Tech support responded that I do have two subscriptions and to cancel one.
16. Phone tech support. Asked for refund on Kobo subscription that I didn't order. They tell me they have to have tech support email me that

And so it goes on and on with no one there knowing what they are doing....Although it was initial great that I could call and not be on hold it would actually be better holding and getting my problem fixed the first time. Seems all Kobo did was hire a bunch of front line support people that can't do anything but take down notes and pass them along.
17. Kobo emails back saying I have a subscription and points me to where to cancel it.
18. Write back to Kobo again asking them to reimburse me for subscribing me when they told me I didn't have a subscription.
19. They write back that they can't refund. (even though it's there fault).

Worst customer support I have ever experienced in my life and that includes telco's, hi-tech companies etc.
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