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Originally Posted by daudi View Post
The response you'd get from a mailing list for some other open source software I use a lot would be something like "Sure, it would be great, and we look forward to receiving your patches", i.e. someone's got to do it. Each of these variants has been provided by someone who had an itch to scratch, but it needs someone who needs all of these features and is able to code in C++ and has the time to do it. It is possible that some of the changes conflict with each other so it is possibly not just a matter of applying all of the patches one after another. But I don't know C++ so I can't say for sure. If you do know C++ perhaps you could review the source code diffs and see if they are likely to merge nicely.
Yes, I realize that. My suggestion was not original however. There have been threads that suggested this was in the works some time ago. I just wondered the status; perhaps I should have said so, but it's kind of rude for a freeloader to ask 'hey where's that work you posted about.'

No C++ sorry to say. Did Cobal Fortran some Assembly. Learned Pascal, Asa ect. Haven't done any for quite a while; disabled now and tends to interfere with mental processes. Can't do lots of stuff I used to.
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