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My wife has a Kindle 4 and I have a Kobo Touch, boith the latest versions. They are very close for reading, but there are a few reasons why I prefer to Kobo: 1. although the dimensions are identical except that the hard rubber "quilting" on he back of the Kobo makes it maybe 1mm thicker, the Kobo feels much more solid and robust - the rubberised finish contributes to this. 2 Although Calibre does a good job of almost all conversions (95% of PDF to epub are fine), most bookstores offer epub, so it is handier not to rely on the slightly quirky output of conversion. 3 The Kobo's menu system (updated in Dec2011) is much simpler than the Kindle and the two button interface is much simpler too. 4 I prefer the touch screen page turning - I find the edge bars on the Kindle a bit fiddly; the Kobo screen is supposed to handle tap and swipe, but I have never managed to get swipe to work - the touch is very sensitive when it is touched very lightly, less so when belted hard.
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