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I just finished the iSilo document today. I was reading it the last 2 nights voraciously and kept CRACKING UP and my GF (or ex or whatever) kept waking up mad. Finally she just woke up and watched TV or something. I didn't even care, it was so funny.

Everytime we went somewhere, I'd whip out my Z2 and start reading again and just bust out laughing in public. It was sad to finish it. Hopefully it's not finished.

I had one problem with the iSilo doc, though. On the website, he separates the events into columns and it's meant to be read down the columns, but after being iSilo'd the columns were combined into one. There's no problem if you read through the article and click the hyperlink for the next article (genius how he's labelled the previous and next), but if you expect to use a button configuration to skip to the next page, it's not the same article. It's the article directly across in the next column.

If y'all have any suggestions, share please. I'll try investigating this over at the iSilo forums, too.
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