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My router is set to accept listed MAC addresses on a Hidden SSID with WPA 64 character string.

At first the Kobo Touch (KT) didn't connect. So I disabled Access Security on the router. Then the KT connected. I didn't have to unhide my hidden network, which was good.

But I did re-enable MAC address Access Control and of course then the KT lost connection.

Doing a scan of available wifi networks finds the hidden network, but asks for the password, and doesn't seem to remember either network name, nor previously keyed password.

So annoying to type all that again. As it is a randomly generated 64 (or 63) character key.

Would be nice if it remembered the previously entered or connected network details.

Would also be nice if one could simply copy paste the key from a txt file on the sdhc, or via the USB, or even using the Kobo Desktop software.

The Kobo desktop program is rather limited in what one could do using the PC to setup and configure the Kobo Touch. Other than flash the firmware of course.
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