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TOC Oddity -- Bad Entry For Cover

When doing an ePub-to-ePub conversion (to smooth out issues such as breaking comma-delimited "Subject" tags into separate lines so that my reader will pick them up as separate items rather than one big item), the first TOC entry in the generated file gets broken.

After exploding the generated ePub and looking at it, the problem seems to be that Calibre names the first subpage (with the title graphic and nothing else) as "titlepage.xhtml" but references it in the TOC as "001.html".

Is there a setting that needs to be tweaked to get the TOC to use the same name as the HTML subpage, or is this a conversion bug? (I tried changing the "generate SVG cover" setting, since that was the first one I found that seemed possibly relevant, but it didn't change the outcome.)
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