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iriver Story HD battery life, etc

Hi everyone - this is my first post.
I am in Australia, and recently sent my original iriver Story back to the agent in Melbourne (CR Kennedy & Co) as I was unhappy with the battery life I was getting: compared to the claimed 7,000ish pages I was lucky to get 300. They simply sent me a new Story HD reader (not WiFi, so I guess it is termed "basic"?) saying the older Story was no longer in stock.
The battery life on the Story HD reader I now have does not seem to be any better than the original Story unit, which makes me think I must be managing battery power badly, as surely two units out of two would not have the same problem?

The procedure I follow (wrong or right!) is to set time delay to hard-turn-off to maximum available, but set time delay to sleep fairly short. At the rate I read, it should mean the unit hardly ever hard-turns-off, but regularly goes to sleep.

Please, can anyone advise if I am clearly misunderstanding battery management here? The Story HD reader came with firmware 1.13 installed - should I immediately update this? I have Ethernet cable Net access only (my computers are both old P4s), if that matters, and use Windows XP.

Thank you - Charles
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