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USB issue

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get my PC to even SEE my Craig Tablet? I wanted to update it's original firmware (I was having issues using the Amazon Kindle reader app, it just wouldn't work in the original version). I was attempting to follow the upgrade instructions elsewhere in this thread, and ran into a problem after my PC (running windows 7) initially DID see the tablet. I got the "driver was not installed correctly error message". Went back and tried to correct that error, and now PC doesn't see the tablet at all (Also tried on another identical laptop and have same issue).

Is it possible to blow the USB out connection on these things somehow?

barring being able to do the update THAT way, can I just do the update the same way Craig's site tells you to do THEIR newer update, by simply copying the .img file onto the SD card?
Their Instructions to do so are here:

For me, it just seems much simpler to do it that way. least with THEIR 2.2 version I can actually use the Kindle reader software

Thanks for any assistance!
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