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Originally Posted by afv011 View Post
To each their own, but IMHO anything that requires that pile of smelling c**p known as iTunes to just work is an immediate fail in my book.
I prefer to call it a heaping mound of donkey shart, and I totally empathize. That, the hardware specs, the dock w/full QWERTY keyboard + extra battery + extra ports, out-of-box HDMI porting, and the $250 Black Friday tag are the reason I went Android.

But so far, for eBooks, it's been outperformed.
Originally Posted by Greg_E View Post
This whole thread smells like troll bait.
I'm not a troll. I wanted a provocative title because I wrote a wall-o-text, and thought it'd give me a better chance of getting views.

In fact, I'm a moderator at a forum that's subforums would swallow this place.

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