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I hate reviving all-but-dead threads, but since this is pretty much the only discussion about this issue, I figured I would mention that I am having identical trouble with two other fonts (Linux Libertine and Symbola). Although the Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic versions of Libertine will display correctly in ADE, the Normal version of Libertine fails to load and ADE instead falls back on the Bold version, so that all of the text set in Libertine is in Bold rather than Normal type. Similarly, Symbola fails to load and display any characters it supports.

As the above posters found with respect to Old Standard, I have tried (in FontForge) subsetting the fonts (as the Libertine fonts are over 400K and Symbola is 1.6MB), converting Symbola to OpenType (as it originally comes in TrueType), and re-generating the OpenType font from the original SFDs of Libertine, but this was all to no avail, and the fonts still fail to load.

Given the above discussion, Keroberos seems to have found the fix to this issue, but unfortunately it's not clear what needs to be done to make these fonts work.

I've attached another example epub file which exhibits these problems (i.e. Libertine Regular not displaying, and ADE falling back on Libertine Bold, as well as Symbola not displaying the symbol characters) using the subset OpenType versions of Symbola (which includes two non-Latin-1 Unicode symbols which are used in the epub) and Libertine which I generated with FontForge.

It's possible that the second of the symbol characters (U+1F603) won't display in ADE at all (depending on whether or not ADE correctly supports characters outside of the Basic Multilingual Plane that were introduced in Unicode 6.0), but I would expect at least the first (U+263A) to show up normally if Symbola worked correctly. The subset of Libertine used in the epub has no non-Latin-1 characters at all, and would be unaffected by any issues with high-Unicode support.

Knowing the trick to fixing these fonts would be very useful, in case I (or others) run into similar issues with other fonts (and also because I intend to apply some custom kerning tweaks to Libertine that I haven't yet done).
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