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Originally Posted by Sweetpea View Post
Don't see your problem, personally... I don't have a lot of PDF files, (and those I do have are made up for a 5" and 6" (4:3) screen, not a 7" (16:9)).

First, I put the books wherever I want them. I just moved them from my internal memory to my external SD card. No problems there. For epub, I use ezPDF (was a sale a few weeks ago) or the internal HTC PDF reader (as I can use my pen with that). They both allow me to get the PDF's from all locations, including external SD cards (though, the HTC app is rather limited as it doesn't have a shelf of any kind).

All my other books are in epub, all put on my device using Calibre. I use Mantano as reader, as I find that one the easiest to use. (Aldiko doesn't support highlighting, or at least, didn't when I was looking for a good app to use, which makes it useless to me).
I realize that my post was a wall-o-text, but that's because I was thorough. In it, I mentioned that I was able to store PDF's on the external SD with Asus's default reader MyLibrary, and use it to open and view them; however, I mentioned that it doesn't recognize my organization of Title/Author from Calibre for many of those ebooks.

For example, in Calibre, a book's title will be "Starting Strength" and the book's author will be "Mark Rippetoe". But on MyLibrary's shelf the title will might be something like "000abqwccStrength" or "978.0982522738.Starting.Strength.Rippetoe". Often, the "author" in MyLibrary won't bear a resemblance to the title or author at all. This wasn't the case with iBook on the iPad. It recognized the author and title for every book. Sorting by author or title was a breeze, and everything was easy to find- I have several thousand PDF's, so finding the one I'm looking for in a library with that lack of organization would be impractical.

I finished my post by asking about ezReader: are you saying that it meets my most basic criteria?
(1) PDF Support (yes, obviously)
(2) Customizable Location for Storage including External SD
(3) Recognizes Author/Title and other tagging from Calibre for every PDF (not just some)?

Heck, I'll take highlighting and other enhanced interactivity with the eBook file as icing on the cake. I don't even care which screen size the PDF's were originally optimized to be viewed upon. I just need to be able to store the massive amounts of memory on the external SD, and I need the reader to recognize the author/title from Calibre so I can sort and search easily.

$3 is NOTHING if it can actually do that. But Coolreader said it supported MOBI, and it turns out, it's limited. I'd have to manually add 8,000+ MOBI's or choose to convert them (and accept the hiccups that presents). I don't want to spend $3 to find out that something promised in the item description doesn't actually work the way it was implied.

Is Manzano not better? I saw this thread:
But the TS mentions interactivity with PDF's as the big bonus. He doesn't talk about title/author sorting being properly imported from Calibre. That's my biggest concern here.

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