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Uhh, on a second thought, by asking if "it is too late now?" if you mean the Nook Classic is outdated now and I should switch to another and modern ereader, I can only say this:

Despite all the font issues Nook Classic had built-in and with all due respect, I still think this gizmo is unique. There is no another hybrid ereader which combines benefits of e-ink technology for mom's 65 year old eyes, without having to refrain from the joy of seeing colorful cover pages. Only that way I thought she would feel the actual books she sees in bookstores truly reside inside this small equipment. She truly adores it. With this respect, I still think this Nook Classic is the best I have ever seen in the market. That was the main reason why I bought it almost a year ago. I noticed shortly after purchase, the infamous non-latin font issues it had but dind't know what to do then. And I had to say goodbye to mom till a week ago. It is a good opportunity for me now to bring this piece of equipment to the level of its modern counterparts with non-latin font friendly interface and flying covers. That's the only thing she would need, nothing more or fancy. Why am I dreaming of this? Because after reading almost all forums for the past week in this regard, I now know it can be done.

Another important thing is Jackie_W's support on this issue. She put enormous work on this and was extremely helpful; therefore, I cannot let her efforts go to wastebin. Please support her with your generous karma as well.

Many thanks for your time.

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