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Urgent Need for a Super-Simple Setup

Hi everyone,

My 65 year old mom is leaving shortly and I am trying to setup her Nook Classic with the functions she'll need before she sets off. Time is off the essence; therefore, I initiated this thread hoping that your prompt contribution will be available in no time.

This thread will also act as a cover-up as to what needs to be done for a Nook Classic to operate at its minimum as my mom's needs are very limited -no browsing, no music, no fancy programs, but just:
1) non-western (custom) font friendly epubs
2) non-western (custom) font friendly system/user interface
3) cover flow function working for all sideloaded epubs as if they are purchased from B&N

I am sure you all have already noticed Nook Classic does not support non-latin fonts neither in epubs nor in the system. This is a feature that a next generation Nook owner takes for granted, but not Nook Classic owners unfortunately.

So, in order to sort the font issue out for all epubs, I implement Extra CSS trick for custom fonts (in my case it is Turkish), and it seems to be working fine. If anyone is in this situation, here is the link of the whole story finally heading to a success:

It is all thanks to Jackie_W and if you find the link helpful in your case, please do not forget to add her karma as she deserves much more than my humble 2 points.


1) Case is closed, it took days though.

2) Since the system fonts are not non-western font friendly, book titles are again messy. I noticed in many threads there are ways to replace system fonts with custom equivalents; but I am not sure how to do it as there are unclear and mixed instructions in many forums; and they are not so clear for what equipment they would work for.

The Nook Classic I have has firmware 1.7.0 and its serial number starts with 10113 as displayed within settings menu.

3) To activate cover flow, do I have to root or softroot Nook Classic based on the parameters stated above; and if yes, how? Could anyone suggest a link to a working step-by-stey guide for Nook Classic?

Many thanks in advance and happy new year to everyone.

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