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Originally Posted by Billi View Post
Have you tried using the original Gutenberg files, without the Calibre conversion? Or some mobi or prc files from our Patricia Clark Library here?
I have - neither made any difference.

What about the file names? Are they - in general - the same? Maybe your Gen3 doesn't like blanks in them or they are too long.
Yes - I even renamed a few just to make them match older files on the device.

Actually I have found a solution, 'though it's really bizarre - if I open the book in the mobi pocket reader program first, send it to the device, open it through the program on the device, then disconnect the device, they work. It turns out that somehow, it's loading more than one book at a time which causes issues. Also if any of these steps is skipped, it doesn't work. I realise that this sounds vaguely ridiculous - is it likely that this is just because it's a very old and now slightly mercurial e-reader? Or is this a problem that anyone recognises?
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