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Originally Posted by Zeebra View Post
Are you reading a book that has graphics on every page? If that's the case it will flash black on each turn. If it's a normal kindle book (azw/mobi) with just text it should do the partial refresh.
After a little voodoo rite it seems to work. For the OP, this is what I did:
- Restore to default settings (may or may not be useful, probably not)
- Enable the page refresh option in the last page of settings
- Reboot (it's in the menu that opens when pressing the menu button while in the settings)
- Disable the page refresh option

This seems to have fixed it for me.

For the record: no, I am reading Steve Jobs's biography (converted from epub via calibre since I had it in that format) and graphics are only on the first "page" of each chapter.
The full-screen refresh happened with any contents, even when browsing the pages of the home screen or the settings, that's why I found it so annoying.
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