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Unhappy Nook Tablet Access From Calibre?

I'm not sure I have the right section, but everyone has been so helpful on the calibre forums with other questions that I've asked so I thought I'd post and see if someone could direct me to the right area to ask if I've got it wrong. First of all the more I learn about using calibre the more I love the program, and I love how with the Nook Tablet I can actually see the cover image on the book menu on my nook which didn't occur with my old Nook, a basic version and drove me nuts. I mean I could see the covers on the books I got directly from Barnes and Noble but not the ones I loaded from Calibre and now with the new tablets it's hard to tell the difference between something I downloaded directly or that I added from Calibre and I completely adore that feature so very appreciative there.

My issue now is that when I plug in my Nook Tablet I can't see the books I added from Barnes and Noble or access them from Calibre or directly in the file system via windows and when I searched on Google for how to do this all I kept finding were articles on how to hack my Nook Tablet into an Android Tablet which is pretty much of no interest to me because if I'd wanted an Android Tablet I'd have saved up the money to buy one. I just wanted to access the content I paid for on my Nook Tablet from my PC. I tried downloaded Nook for PC and I could access some of it that way but like Magazines or Specialty Publications by Magazines for the most part aren't accessible from Nook for PC. Other than what I loaded directly from Calibre when I look at the file system in windows it's empty but the files are there on the Nook when I turn it on. The thing of it is that really gets me is that Emagazines are pretty close to the same price as print and if I bought one of those I could let anyone in my household see it. But I'm not about to hand my tablet to my eight year old to read National Geographic Kids when I paid for it. I wanted to be able to take it off my Tablet and let him have it on his Kindle Basic to read. But since I have no way of accessing that I now can't do that. I like the tablet because I can use it for organization and reading because it's got the nice calendar and to do list apps which are pretty much all I need for my lifestyle. And like I mentioned I love that the cover show up on this Nook where as they didn't on my old one. I mean I could probably access them if I used my old Nook but I let my mom take that one and re-registered it to her because while I love and care for my mom I don't really want her linked up to my credit card. And that's another reason I don't just want to hand my tablet over to my children to read a magazine their readers aren't hooked up to a credit card, mine is and I'd basically have to stand over their shoulder to make sure I didn't find a lovely bill for their being nosy. Or another thing I can't do, like the cooking magazines from my PC I could print the recipe out of the magazine, from a print magazine I could scan it and print it and only take that piece of paper into my kitchen so that I don't risk my original getting ruined but without PC access if I want to use the recipe I either have to copy it by hand or take my tablet into the kitchen and anyone who's ever tried cooking with three small children as helpers will know that it's probably not a wise decision to take expensive electronics into the kitchen when doing so. I mean the process is so messy I literally have to change my clothes after anytime I bake with my kids. To take my tablet in there is like asking for it to be ruined. Obviously with this long drawn out explanation it's clear that I'm really frustrated with not having access to my tablet purchases on my PC.

Anyway my point, is there any possibility of updating Calibre to make it so you can access the Nook Tablet files from Calibre? If there's currently a way to do this and you could tell me how I'd really appreciate it, because I haven't figured it out and online searches are only giving me info on turn my nook into an android via complicated hacking which isn't something I'm interested in at all. I just want to be able to access my own purchases and use them on whichever reader I choose to use them on which is one of the things I love about Calibre because previous to this device the conversion features and DRM plugin that works with it found elsewhere has always allowed me to do that. It's not like I'm looking to take my content and post it on a website for public use, I have no desire to risk having a policeman show up at my door for violation of copyright laws or the like. But with print versions you can share the items within your household, if they're going to charge as much or close to it for e-versions I should have the same capabilities. And it's not like I can use the lend me feature because one it's not listed on most magazines and two my kids have kindles because they were less expensive and trying to lend that way isn't compatible. Anyway if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.
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