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Originally Posted by PeterT View Post
I gave my wife a Vox for Christmas, and she opened while down at a friend's house. Got it onto the 'net via his WiFi and of course, got stuck at the Update failing problem.

Browsed the forums, and saw the advice to try a factory reset (Vox powered down, hold down vol+, power on, and keep holding the vol+ until a message appears that unit is resetting).

This worked perfectly, and the update applied perfectly.

Not sure there is any linkage but I can sure say that a factory reset SEEEMED in our case to let the upgrade happen.
I used this successfully (so far) to be able to get the update at least started on my Vox. I had noticed that there wasn't even a screen popping up saying that it was even looking for an update until I tried this. Had left it for more than 20 minutes, but figured it was taking too long. Thanks for the tip!
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