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Kindle inserting blank pages

Hey everyone. Hope I'm posting to the right board, kind of new around here...

So, I'm creating my own ebook. It's just a bunch of images (comic strips) one after another. They are black&white so they work really great on the eink display.

I'm using kindlegen to create the .mobi. When I preview it with Mobipocket Reader it looks fine, no blank pages. But with Kindle/Kindle Previewer I get a blank page after the last image in "chapter".

Any ideas what is causing this and how I can avoid it?
Thanks for any tips.

Relevant code is below:
	<item id="item1" media-type="application/xhtml+xml" href="item1.html"></item>
	<item id="item2" media-type="application/xhtml+xml" href="item2.html"></item>
<spine toc="My_Table_of_Contents">
	<itemref idref="item1"/>
	<itemref idref="item2"/>
item1.html and item2.html are identical for testing purposes:
<center><img src="imgs/0001_5707_01.png" width="249" height="773" /></center>
<center><img src="imgs/0001_5707_02.png" width="240" height="771" /></center>
<center><img src="imgs/0001_5707_03.png" width="243" height="776" /></center></body></html>
(The images are pre-rotated. I don't want to keep switching mi Kindle between landscape and portrait, so I'll just keep it in portrait and use images that are rotated.)
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