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I'm so antsy to get going with next year, I'm having trouble finding things to read this week. "Oh, no, I want to save that book for next year." I'm not sure what that's all about.
I'm with you. I work for a newspaper and every year they sell the books sent for review to raise money for charity. It's awesome. I uaually get several hundered dollars worth of brand new books for about $30-40. I got several books early this month which I am saving for 2012, including the new Stephen King, the new Jayne Krentz and the complete Christmas stories of Charles Dickens (alas I got it to late to read for MBR December book club). I also ordered the new Sony Reader wi-fi and it should come tomorrow. I'm really excited. So between DTB and E-books I'm looking forward to starting on my 100 books for 2012.

Happy New Reading Year everybody!
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