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902 storage, recognition, bluetooth issues.

I'm having some problems getting my new 902 pro set up I've not seen addressed in any posts, faqs etc. First, I'm on a Macbook Pro (17" A1229 running Leopard) using Calibre. This is my first ebook reader but I've been using Calibre for a while.

I took the 902 out of its box Xmas morning and put it on to charge for 24 hours before doing anything. Then I turned it on, set up the wi-fi and updated the firmware. First issue, and one that continues is it seems to be a bit of a crapshoot getting my Mac to see the 902. Once I did get it recognized, I went in and made a full backup on my external HD. So far, so good. I then removed all of the foreign language books from the 902 and transferred the English ones over to my Calibre library so I could manage them there. Then I proceeded to move my books over to the 902.

At this point, I run into my second problem. I don't have a miniSD yet, so I'm working with the 902's internal storage capacity which is supposed to be 2 Gig. Indeed, it is storing about a thousand books before I remove all the non-English ones. But now, it only shows one gig of space on the entire drive and will not accept the same number of books (same file sizes approx.) I removed back. Where is the other Gig? What happened to it?

Not sure if it's relevant, but Calibre's library file name was "books" and replaced the previous "English" that held titles on the drive.

In an attempt to find the missing Gig, after getting everything pretty well set up, I reformatted the internal memory then restored the files from my backup. Again, removed the non-English language files. That's where I am as of now.

All I want is to get the thing to a stable place so I can use it. I'm hopeful many of the performance problems (flickering, sluggish behavior, etc) will resolve once this happens.

Right now my issues are:

Device does not seem to be visible to Macbook Pro in any sort of easily resolved fashion. Much rebooting and USB plugging and unplugging has to happen and once it is recognized, it will not unmount.

An entire Gig of storage is missing (per Get Info and Disk Utility).

I also have been unsuccessful configuring Bluetooth--though I do have it recognized and set up as a Bluetooth device. It just won't work.

Can anyone help me? And is this typical of Pocketbook e-readers? I'm testing this for my boyfriend who will get a 903 if this is a workable system. We liked it because we thought it was a good reader for math and other academic papers. So far, it's not looking so good.
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