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I think I bricked my KT device

That's what I did:

I copied the above mentioned file "locale-base.jar" to "/opt/amazon/ebook/lib/" and restarted the device.
The showed International settings where there and I was able to change my keyboard to "German" (other International settings still only contained US English).

Then I copied the file "" to "" in "/opt/amazon/ebook/config/locales/" and edited it (directly on the device with "vi").

Then I went to my PC, created a "translate_de_DE.txt" as suggested in the README.txt:
Code: de_DE KindleTouch > translate_de_DE.txt
The I edited the file a bit, translated some strings and then created a new jar:
Code: de_DE translate_de_DE.txt locale-de_DE.jar zip
At last I copied the resulting "locale-de_DE.jar" to "/opt/amazon/ebook/lib/" and restarted the device again.

Now it happened: it hangs at the "tree image" and does not continue
Any ideas what's going on and above all to make it boot again?

EDIT: USB connection still works - I currently tried to edit the script and remove the locale-de_DE.jar file.
But it still does not show me any changes at screen
Here's the content of my
mntroot rw
touch /mnt/us/rmlog.txt
rm /opt/amazon/ebook/lib/locale-de_DE.jar >> /mnt/us/rmlog.txt 2>&1
mntroot ro
The rmlog.txt file does not exist, so I assume is not called at all...

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