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Windows Live Calendar on Kindle

Originally Posted by kdoc View Post
Some time ago I asked, without any responses this question. I want to have a contact book that synchs with my Outlook Contact list. If I could have a calendar synch also that would be great. The synch could come from my PC Outlook or my iPhone, as the latter synchs with my PC. Suggestions?

It it's not possible to synch these regularly, is it possible to at least import the outlook/or iPhone Contacts to my Fire? In effect what I'm asking is how can I get my huge contacts on my Fire, one way or another? Synched, Imported, etc.

Should such questions be posed as a new thread or as part of tips and tricks?

A simple (if not terribly elegant) solution for the calendar, if you have already used the Hotmail Outlook Connector to synch Outlook with a Calendar on Windows Live, is to log into Windows Live on the Kindle Fire, locate the calendar, and bookmark the page so you can relaod it easily. This also shows the entries for any shared calendars.

Synching contacts is still a problem. You can access the Contacts uploaded to the Windows Live site, but the only way to use them is to send email vis the webmail Hotmail interface--and the connection to the Contacts page doesn't seem very stable.
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