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Hi Daudi,

Thanks a million for all your hard work compiling these softwares.
I am not going to complain..I promise...
I have a technical question for you. I had previously installed the third party ipdf 2.12 (iliad version 2) from this forum, so far it is working great and I have full screen as well as column wise (that I don't know how to used properly...). I was wondering if the installer package that you are offering today will automatically overwrite the already installed ipdf 2.12, or I will have to do additional manual removal...
I was also wondering in what order should I install the different softwares included in this package (a couple of them have the fullscreen mode incorporated...could that be a problem???)
I really don't want to mess up what I have which is already working great, so I will really appreciate your time to give me some step by step instructions...
Thanks again a bunch for all your great contributions on this forum...I am enjoying my iliad so much because of you guys....I just can't leave without it anymore...
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