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Kindle v kobo touch. Some questions answered and some feedback required.

I'm in the market to purchase an ereader. I have an iPad 2 and I use this for reading. The device is too heavy however I don't mind reading on this screen (indoors).

I've been researching for the last few weeks and watched so many reviews and read so many articles. Where they miss the mark and my advice is...

What's the purpose of your ereader?
For me I don't need anything flashy. I want a portable reader that is functional and I will use it for reading. I'm not too concerned about the web. Rowsers etc.

Whichever one offers best range?
I've looked at several of the ebook sites and I've found the kobo and amazon sites best. They both have great selection. I picked a few of the titles I love and searched them. Both came up on each site and kobo was slightly cheaper on all occasions. That said it seems that amazon has a better range in general.

What functions are essential?
For mine the best asset of any reader is the built in dictionary capability. Kobo has this but it's a 2 press process. Kindle seems to do it in one. Also if you side load formats into the kobo the dictionary function doesn't work

Beside dictionary the kindle has prettymuch a strangle hold on you purchasing from them with their limited .mobi. Kobo can load in several variations which is a benefit in my opinion. I'm not pigeonholed.

Form of the ereader?
I've picked up both devices and in my opinion the kobo wins hands down. I've toyed with a kindle and a Sony and the kobo really feels comfortable. The screens all display the same in my humble opinion.

So my dilemma still stands. I haven't purchased yet and I throw it out to you guys to provide me with any feedback. I'm pretty set between the kindle touch and kobo touch.

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