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Disabling WiFi on $79 Kindle??

Okay, I know this seems strange but Santa brought my 9yr old daughter a Kindle for Christmas. Problem is, I'm not too comfortable with handing over unfettered access to the internet to a child. Unfortunately, this device does just that. I have it blocked from my router (unless her mom or I enter the password on the router configuration) but if she's somewhere else other than home, there's potential for exposure. And to make matters worse, Amazon has gone and added a browser to the blasted thing.

I'm curious as to whether or not someone has spent the time to develop a hack/mod that will disable WiFi altogether. I know I could just "unregister" the unit and that would address most of my concerns but not 100%. I have Google'd this subject and found several other interested parties but none with a workable solution to date. Well, unless you count the home made padlocked, zippered pocketbook with a clear PVC front panel.

At any rate, the Kindle is a hit with my daughter. She has hardly put it down.

Thanks for any advice you may offer!
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