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I have a windows xp computer. I am looking for something with a 7" screen I can use to watch movies on. I have never had WiFi or a cell phone. A back up device I can access the internet on would be nice but I am not concerned about at this time. I don't plan to use WiFi. I like my Ethernet connection.

Most of the time one computer is enough until somebody downloads a movie nobody else wants to watch. A portable device to watch the movie on would be nice but I have not been able to find an mp3 video player device that seems to do what I want it to do and has good reviews.

I live in an apartment so I have neighbors living on the other side of my wall. Do I have to worry about this thing accidentally trying to access my neighbors WiFi? Can you turn the WiFi off? Can I access the internet through the usb connection? Do you have to connect the device to the internet to upgrade it? Can I download updates to my computer and then transfer to the device? Can I connect to my computer using the usb connection and drop and drag the movie into the device?

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