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Originally Posted by friopel View Post
I have an augen ebook reader. doing a reset on the device since calibre would never detect it caused it not to power on again. can anyone tell me of a fix ? also I was wondering if someone could tell me where i could get the last and final firmware update for this device ? its Decmber 2011 and i'm bummed out it won't power back on. just used a pin. anyway, looking for a resolution and a final firmware update unless someone can tell me where to get unofficial firmwares.
thank you
This is an orphan device and the Mfg. Web site no longer exists. Even if you could get someone to email you their copy of the last update file, if yours will not re-power from a pin reset, I doubt it could be updated anyway, so it is likely a brick. I recently purchased two of these refurbed from for under $50 each. I had to return one because it had a foreign language text on the ZOOM button and had a prior users email ID registered in the DRM section, and rebooting with a pin did not remove it. Best used as a media player and a reader through USB connect to free Calibre software on a PC. The wireless and browser on these are pretty much useless, and use with any DRM books seems questionable. But compatible books you can get are easily read (with color pictures) and the capabilities as a portable video player are worth the price if you happen to need that function. With a 32gb SD card added, It can hold a lot of videos, or just about every free ebook in the world! Still available from
as of today.
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