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If you are into audiobooks and have the time to listen to more than a few a year, the subscription service at audible is awesome. 1 or 2 books a month, or if you go thru them fast, buy a year subscription, use it up as fast as you wish, and then buy another year's subscription immediately. Would be amazing for truckers and other all-day drivers, people who could work safely and effectively with headphones or a speaker and some level of attention on the book, and those with vision or reading issues.

A subscription usually gets you 1 or 2 books a month at about $11-13 a book, depending on your exact plan. The newer plans are a bit more expensive, but also offer a little more flexibility....your monthly selections `run over' to the next few months like att's wireless minutes do. Audiobooks purchased new can easily cost $50 or more before the standard discounts, and even on Ebay or used at local bookstores they can be pricy for anything on cd or unabridged. So the audible pricing is pretty nice. The selection is good but not fantastic. (major omissions: the Harry Potter series and Tolkien's Hobbit and LOTR series, tho for the latter they do have both US and UK dramatized versions. Both Rowling and the Tolkien trust refuse to grant US digital rights to audible.) has, in the past, made an awesome additional used to be able to get $100 off on an Ipod or a number of other devices that play files (pda's, some gps devices, as well as the major mp3 players) if you agreed to a year's subscription, paid monthly. (That deal was only available to new subscribers, 1 offer per household.) Audible partnered first with mobileplanet and later with Amazon to fulfill these offers, hence no Iphone offer since Amazon doesn't sell the Iphone.

Early this year Amazon, who had long partnered with, purchased outright. Since then, the "$100 off an Ipod or audible-ready device" offer appeared for a month, then vanished. I suspect it will show up now and then as a promo. It only can be used on products Amazon sells (and only on the devices Amazon chooses to offer the promo with), and was never available for use with the Kindle. If Amazon decides to repeat that promo, perhaps next time the Kindle will be on the device list.

If you find this offer live and want to take advantage of it <<<Very Important>>> *don't* subscribe to or create a login at online. Get the phone number off their web page and call Customer Service instead. Tell the rep you want to subscribe and want to make sure you get to get the player of your preference with the $100 discount. The rep will guide you thru all that. The reps at are pretty good.

To see if the "$100 off that Ipod or other device you want" offer is current, two ways to check.

#1 Go to Don't log in, or make sure you are logged out. Click on BROWSE AUDIO. New page, click on DEVICE CENTER. On whatever device you want, click on LEARN MORE under the Special Offers heading. An Amazon window will open, choose your device, and look thru the page to see if there is a savings associated with an subscription.

#2 Go to Search in the general search field for the term `audibleready'. See if any of the devices you like have the offer on their page.

I think there was once a way to research this promo on Amazon by going to a promo help site on Amazon and searching for `'. Can't remember.

Anyone let me know if they find out more about the $100 off a device offer. It would be awesome to combine an audible sub with a Kindle discount.
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