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Not all that bad...

You bet, Collin, I AM right. However, it is not all that gloomy. First, GoodLink provides a very well documented and supported technology which is truly "push" (I do not know how good Blackberry or anything else is). Second, at least partially, ActiveSync still works. That is not an Up-Date-Notification feature but manual and scheduled sync. Push or pull, as long as it works it is fine. One advantage of 'pull' technology it is easily controllable on the cell side. That is you can schedule your device to check for updates, say, every 30 min and then, on weekend, when you do not really care, you can change it to check every 2 hrs. If you have an unlimited data plan then it is not that important that you send a request to the server even every 5 min, so it is almost real time update.
However, what is true, you have to pay for it (sniff, sniff) - data plan fee with ActiveSync and data plan AND license fee with GoodLink.
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