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Talking G'day from Perth, Australia!

Hi folks!
Tony Slater here. Proud owner of the new (cheap!) keyboard-less Kindle. I say owner - I never get to read the thing, as the missis won't leave it alone. It's like it was superglued to her hand or something.
There's an idea...

Anyway! I'm a really keen reader, mostly interested in fantasy, sci-fi and historical novels with the occasional thriller and/or comedy, and non-fiction travel, history, humour.... Yeah I know. Eclectic, I call it. Expensive, she calls it - hence the Kindle.

I'm also an author, but I'll not be beating that drum here after this as I know what it's like to be constantly bombarded with book ads - try hanging out in writer's forums, you'd think all we do is buy and read each other's books!

(promotional links and material deleted - MODERATOR)

Happy holidays folks!


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