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Question [non]deterministic font name detection ... and minor .txt issues

I've been experimenting with custom fonts (as I need letters not covered by the ones included) and finally got it working - with help of a few older threads ... but the whole process was some weird add/remove/rename/delete/poweroff/on-in-different-combinations voodoo magic than anything consistent.

In the end I get the best results with font files named /precisely/ like the actual font, and appropriate suffix (-Bold, -Italic, -BoldItalic), and all case-sensitive.

So e.g. - for font "Palatino Linotype", I /had/ to use "Palatino Linotype.ttf" and properly suffixed weights. Anything like: palatino, palatinolinotype, shortcuts - gave mostly problems. Either some weight didn't work, or they were mismatched, or not present at all. And of course - remember about "mandatory" poweroff/on to redetect/load the changes properly (why not just provide a menu option for that ?).

Anyway - besides my guesswork - are there any +/- official rules regarding proper font names, that Kobo Touch (and we) should theoretically follow ?

And btw - on a related subject - why do the fonts included by default have so limited unicode coverage. Licensing/pricing issues ?

Another somewhat unusable feature is barebone .txt support (in my environment) that assumes whole world lives in iso-8859-1. Com on, there's linux underneath that has had very solid locale support, for many, many years already. Some option to specify default locale/per .txt file maybe ? Or at the very least if a file has BOM - automatic detection for those. Would be nice to see it in some future update ...

Sure I can just banally convert the file myself (calibre, or anything similar), but that kind of make .txt "support" shallow / pointless (apart from strict us/eu environments).

Apart from that, nice reader w/o amazon/b&n's monopoly/drm dreams

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