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I was sorely disappointed with the fact that the B&N upgrade to 1.4.1 would plug the sideloading hole in the NT. Frankly, I felt cheated. In the buying process, I compared the specs and capabilities of the various 7" devices side by side. The clincher for me was the fact that you could sideload apps without rooting the device and the superior hardware of the NT. When I made my decision and purchased the NT that's what I got. A 7" color ereader with limited tablet capabilites but great specs and capabilites. When the "FORCED" update was implimented I really felt cheated by B&N and my immediate gut response was to return the NT for a refund and buy a refurbished nook color with a N2A card. But after seeing the good folks at XDA furiously working on the necessary hacks to the NT, I've decided to wait it out for a while and see what develops in the near future.
In all honesty, I have more faith that the developer community can maximize the superior hardware of the NT platform better than B&N can plug the holes in it. At least they have approx 40 days to do so before I need to return the NT for a full refund. (Jan 31st return deadline)

Have faith, and be patient. The gurus and experts are working on it as we speak. If things go well we'll end up will a killer 7" Android Tablet.

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