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Not even did they scanned the whole thingy, they even translated it to german, way before the german edition was even anounced. Ok, this is really nerdish, but it shows how much people want an electronic version of it.

There are so much posibilities unseen, that could for sure make people buy more books. If you think of todays "ebook readers" you think of a full featured PDA, with all it's got. Why not just make a fine reader, that is skinnable, that can display little pictures/animationsa and convert books like the potter saga to a little bit mor multimedia. I really love the old books from my childhood, with little drawings every few pages. Why not port those to next level, fill them up with a little bit more multimedia (animations instead of picures, suitable background music - off course all feutures may as well be turned off) to span the lack of not having a real book. Those readers got all the technic needed, why not use it? Make the story become alive.

Same goes for the whole music industry: Hey you guys. Stop complaining and put some videos, stylish infos and stuff on any given cd out there and I might think of buying again. At the moment, internet radio rulez. -> latest Gorillaz album rocks!
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