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Originally Posted by RAH View Post
When your Touch is brand new, as yours is, I think you should follow afv011's advice and go thru a few cycles without using my top-it-off idea. You need to let it settle down some and see if it will work OK.

So just charge it to 100% and let it drain however it will. When it reaches say 30%, charge it again to 100% and let it drain. Do that a few times. Hopefully you won't have to resort to using my idea. In other words, don't assume it's going to be bad.
Thanks a lot for the great advice, the new one did settle down, it's been on for 25 hours and I read on it for 9 1/4 hours and it's at 90%. I'd be very happy if battery use stays at that level, keeping my "Fingers Crossed"

The reason I bought the touch over a tablet was the supposed long battery life and I just kind of freaked when the 1st one went down 30% in one day. Before I bought the nook I used to read mainly on my pc or laptop or if I wanted to go portable I'd read epubs on my Nintendo DS. The DS only got about 10 hours max battery time so I wanted more time like an e-ink device. I didn't want to go with a Kindle because I didn't like having to go through Amazon for everything and B&N sent me $20 off coupon for the NST, I just couldn't pass it up.
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