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Mark chapters in Word with Header1 style etc.
Create Table of content in Word and make sure to uncheck page numbers.
Save into filtered html.
Rename file to book.html with l at the end.
Install free notepad++
open book.html in it.
search for table of contents
paste there "<a name="toc"></a>" just in front of Table of Content
in mobipocket creator
click the "Guide" tab, and enter a line like this:

Title: Table of Contents
Type: toc
Filename: book.html#toc

Build, open in Kindle previewer
see that the toc is now working.

P.S. After repeating the editing and creation of the doc few times, I found couple more bugs.
First: the process works only if the project is started from scratch. Replacing the main html file doesn't work.
2. After first build, the program looks for "book.html" not in the original directory but in the publication=result=build directory, so I copy the book.html file there. It works fine then.

Very buggy!

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