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Virgin PE - Update to Allmine??

Hi guys, thanks for all the hard work. I have a PE that I updated to Ermine a while ago, and things are fine. I also purchased a new PE from the last Woot sale, that I'm going to give as a CMas present. I was going to update to Ermine, but have been waiting as long as possible to see what new developments the wonderful user community could come up with. This Allmine looks terrific. I've read this entire post, but being rather inexperienced with all the lingo I thought I'd see if I could get some "basic" help.

1 - This is a brand-new, not even powered-up PE. Can I install Allmine immediately, or do I need to do any prep work? (Install Ermine, create a library on an SD card (do I even need an SD card to start), anything else???)

2- Does it matter that I'm doing this for someone else? I'd prefer not to use my gmail or other personal information.

3 - Does Allmine fix the app to sdcard issue? That is the major issue I have with my current PE. The amazon app store works well for me, but I do find myself running out of space on the internal storage. I tried to follow the threads on how to fix it, but the reprogramming was intimidating for me.

4 - Is there a consolidated place with all the install directions? If not, could you put it as an answer to this message or update the UPDATE sticky? I'm afraid there are lots of bits and pieces of instructions all over this board and I'm worried about skipping a step.

5 - Once updated to Allmine, what else should I do to get this new PE ready to give as a gift? (If Allmine didn't fix the app to sd card, how can that be done? Should I preload Amazon market or other apps? If I include an SD card as part of the gift is there anything that I could/should do to make that better? Keep in mind that this PE won't be mine, so I would like to only install things that don't require an account to get them)

Thanks again to everyone who has worked so hard to keeping the PE's so great! Merry Christmas!
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