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08-26-2011 09:50 AM
For those of you having battery issues...Try charging your Nook in sleep mode (for 3-4 hours). After charging, completely shut down the nook, then power it back up. This is the only thing that's worked for me. I initially returned my first Ne2 because the battery died after 2-3 days (even sitting idle). BN replaced it and on the initial charge of the replacement I got well over 4 weeks of use out of one charge. However, when I recharged it for the first time, I barely got 4 days out of it. Through trial and error I discovered if I powered the unit down after charging I could maintain a significantly extended battery life. A tech friend of mine thinks it's a software issue. If that's the case a software update would be nice. Best of luck to those of you having battery issues. I feel your pain.
I did pick up another Touch and followed RAH's instructions, after it was charged to 100% a little less then 3 hours, I upgraded the firmware and topped it back to 100%, and switched it off then back on again as per the Official comment thread above.

The battery isn't much better

1 1/2 hours reading 99%
2 1/2 hours sleep 97%
2 1/2 hours reading 95%

I'll be interested to see how much I lose as it sleeps tonight. But now I'm just going to follow afv011 advice to go through a few cycles to see if it improves all the while following RAH's formula for charging, along with turning the unit off after it is fully charged to 100%

One last question, when should I recharge again does 70 % sound reasonable or should I let it go down further to 50-60%?

If that doesn't fix it I'll have to decide after Christmas if I should keep the Touch or maybe get a refund and try a Sony or Kobo reader. I hope it works because I really love this Touch except for the battery.

Thanks again for help.
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