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Compressing large PDFs

As long as the page turning isn't slow I wasn't bothered by the large size of some scans I have. They're bundled into PDFs, OCRd, yet they weight more than 300M, I wonder if two can fit on a CD without doing some archiving.

Now, it happened for me to read in some other forum about tools that can compress a PDF. But it wasn't clear enough for me and later on the discussion descended into flames. I understand that Adobe Acrobat can do this kind of magic, but last time I have checked it's very expensive. Somebody suggested using ghostscript, yet the original poster proved going that way would make the file larger. Than somebody talked about Djvu, but I don't want to touch that subject. So in the end I know about as much as I knew before reading that thread, yet I feel a need to stop wasting hard drive space and make those books more portable as well.

Can you help me, tutor me in this black art of PDF compressing? Free software if possible.
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