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I tried custom CSS (copying and pasting styles from here and ePub Zen Garden). When I use Zen Garden's copy of Middlemarch the styles work fine.

When I use almost any other ebook, the styles get overridden. Some settings are preserved, such as colors, but it manages to override pretty much anything I care about.

What I want is very simple, and follows the basic principles of sensible typography:

1: Ragged right text, NOT justified.

2. Adequate leading so there's breathing room between the lines of text. 1.5 times font height to 1.8 times (depends on font).

3. If extra space is used between paragraphs, DO NOT indent the first line.

all of these work nicely on Middlemarch but very little else. How can I find out what is overriding my settings and destroy it with extreme prejudice without having to learn CSS (I just want to read, not learn formatting codes)?
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